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My Friends i am going to give a easy way to earn through internet..the best way..This especially for the college student in India and also to those who want to earn there own pocket money.I have be testing many site for money making through internet.After my experience of wasting my time in many spam site i have found a great site that really pays for just asking questions and for answering others questions.This is similar to Yahoo answers..but here it pays us.
This is a site called as Mylot.
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$you can really earn in dollars$

Next to google adsense this is the one site which pays out.I had earned about 60$and i had joined just before a month.After you reach 10$ it will be transfered to your paypal account.
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STEP 1:-
After signing up you.you must start posting discussions like
"what do you like tea or coffee?"
Many will respond to your answer including me.there will be a rating near your discussion if they rate it you will get money.There may arise how to post a new discussion?.Onthe top left corner of your mylot screen near.A me in your friends list.If any doubt arises mail me at madhan2u@gmail.com im ready to reply to your questions.Posting Discussions will be of great fun.I gurantee you this is not a spam site.It works 101%.
STEP 2:-
Start responding others question.
they will surely rate you plus if you answer there question.
STEP 3:-
Start responding others answers to your question.
STEP 4:-
If you do it regularly.you will be credited with earning on your top left of the mylot window screen.

"I will give some Tips For effective earning Tips."

1. Post quality answers at least 3-4 lines long

2. Tag your answers with as many tags as you can think of... the tags should be words from the title and the description of the discussion and also words from your post... Also try to put new tags that the others haven`t thought about

3. Start many discussions and try to make as much friends as possible with which to work with, so you`re discussions will be answered... after you`re discussion has been answered the one who answers will benefit from it , and also the one whose discussion has been answered, more than answering/ starting a regular discussion

4. Look for Brain Busters... they will bring both you and both the one who started it more money

5. Upload Images but be very carefull about those because you don`t want to brake the terms and conditions of the site

6. Try to give pluses... to others and also try to make your refferals give you pluses... and always help them with their new discussions... this will bring both you and them more money

7. When you have over 50 refferals ... you`re refferals should be the only one which you`ll select to receive mails about their new discussions... You won`t receive to much credit from answering regular friends discussions ... excluding the case of brain busters!

8. Tag your photos, give info about them when you upload photos on the site, don`t ever paste and copy answers because myLot Admin will close your account imediatelly... also
be carefull not to engage in disputes with other users... be very polite and as cute as posible... especially to moms (Not Joking)... Make friends there and make everyone give you pluses... don`t ask for them just be very very very cute... and you will get it!!!


"Tips For effective Referrals"

1. Concentrate on bringing people from your own country

2. Don`t pay for leads, Targeted Traffic or things like that... don`t pay for anything.. you`ll lose in the end!!!

3. First thing you will do when you join MyLot is to send invitations to all your friends... You send invitations to them to join other online comunitites like MySpace and Hi5... why not send them invitations to join MyLot?? Use the tools that myLot provides for you for inviting your friends

4. Concentrate on finding free advertising methods by yourself... Like blogging.creating a website etc.,

5. Don`t put your link all over the net if you don`t have a site... make an email public which you`ll use only for this: receiving mails from myLot and receiving mails from potential referrals... when you advertise on the Internet give as little info as possible about your opportunity and be very very misterious about it... make people curious... this is your objective when you put your ads on the net... Don`t SPAM!!!

6. When you receive an e-mail from a potential referral... be carefull to have a mail ready to send them... they will all want to know the same thing, so concentrate on being a writer and prepare an email to have for prospects and send it to them

7. Be carefull what info you give them and always have in mind when you write that e-mail that your objectives is to make the Registration process as easy as it can be.. so give info about this not tips and tricks about posting or starting discussions

8. always have to post on MyLot... because if your referrals see you not posting they`ll think that you get all your money from referrals and they will concentrate on doing the same... this is were you could lose with referrals... you only get 25% from their personal activity not their referrals... So post post post!!!